I remember while growing up that my closest friends were the boys in the neighborhood.  I would play softball with them, they would wrestle me onto the floor, throw the football to me.  Walt, Mace and Champ didn’t see me as a girl, they saw me as one of the boys and they treated me as such, well Champ was not as bad as the other two lolol.  I grew to love them as my big brothers, as much as they treated me as one of the boys, they would protect me just the same.  Well one of our favorite summer activities was going swimming.  We had a swimming pool in our apartment complex and we went swimming every single day.  They were excellent swimmers and I would just sit to the side and watch them turn flips into the water, dive off of the side of the pool, do laps back and forth within the pool all the while I just sat on the steps because I couldn’t really swim.  Well one day they got the bright idea to pick me up and toss me into the deep end of the pool…..out of the blue I went from sitting on the side chilling, to being inside the deep end of the water, fighting water to keep myself from drowning.  I can imagine they were standing on the side laughing and I’m moving my arms and feet as hard as I could to survive, nothing was funny about it and I let them know that when I made it out.

But I made it!! I was thrown into the deep end of the pool and I made it!! How many times has life done this to us?  You are sitting around and things are going so well.  You are just dipping your toes in the pool of life, enjoying the sun and the coolness on your feet and then without notice you are pushed into the deep end of the water without any notice or preparation.  You see yourself drowning, you feel yourself drowning, the water is real, the situation is heavy, it’s hard, it’s overwhelming and it’s not funny.  It is in this time when you are literally fighting for your life that you have to choose whether you will sink or swim.

What choice will you make?



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  1. From the moment of my encounter with Tijuana Everhart, my life shifted to a whole other level! Not only was I inspired by all of her accomplishments, but her transparency in how she attained them through adversity and determination is what really motivated me to be a student under her leadership! From her guidance and well thought-out instructions, I was able to have an event that superceded my expectations! When I listened and followed through with the tools she taught me, EVERYTHING was a success!! I am forever grateful and honored to have such a wonderful gift of God in my life that I treasure! Looking forward to seeing God take you, Mrs. Everhart beyond the sky, for there are NO LIMITS for you my dear! Peace and Favor on your Life❤️

  2. This Corona virus has pushed a lot of people into the deep end. Instead of being stagnant now is the time to start that business, start being healthier or just to do whatever it is you have been putting off! I chose to SWIM!

    1. Thanks sis and thanks for engaging in the conversation. Sometimes we need a little push because we have fear holding back from jumping in.

      1. I love the analogy used here. It is indeed how we react in certain situations, that determine the outcome. I personally, will sometimes not take that first step needed to make a change.

  3. Yes life will throw you in the deep end and I choose life. One thing I’ve learned for sure is that by not making a choice you’re still choosing, and in most cases it leads to death in that area because you didn’t take action. Thank you for your motivation and enlightening us with empowering perspectives.

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