As I write this blog, the entire world seems to be in turmoil. There is a whole race of people who are feeling helpless and yet extremely angry. We are dealing with a pandemic that we would never have ever imagined we would see in our lifetime. To date, there are over 100,000 Americans and counting who have died from Covid-19, and African-Americans are the ones impacted the most. Our pre-existing conditions and the fact that we are the ones that are essential workers place us in greater harm.

While managing the new normal in life, we have an unarmed black man George Floyd who was killed by white police officers in Minneapolis, MN. This videotaped incident has pushed us over the edge, and we are struggling emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We need help. As a race, we are taught that we are supposed to be strong, pray about it, and keep going, but this has become too hard.

On this week’s podcast, I spoke with two mental health professionals that gave us guidance on how to handle our emotions during this time. We have to make sure we don’t go from anger to wrath. Anger can be managed; wrath will lead to irrational decisions. Get off of social media, turn off the news, watch funny videos on YouTube, and seek professional counseling. You can find the updated episode of the podcast here on the website. Subscribe and follow to stay abreast of the updates.

Now, what else can you do? Several of you are sitting on gifts and talents that God has given you that you should use to start a business. It is time for us to operate in the economic power we have as a race. Minorities have a $3.9 Trillion buying power and yet our money only stays within our community for six hours. That means that once we have money, within six hours of having that money, we will spend it on a non-black owned business. Compare that to the Asian community whose dollar stays within their community for 28 days.

Enough is enough. There is a call to buy black-owned beginning in July, and yet that’s going to be hard to do because we are missing in several market spaces. There are little to no black-owned grocery stores, black-owned delivery services, black-owned farmers, black-owned gas stations, black-owned banks, and the list goes on. If we are to own our economic power, it is time that you swim as an entrepreneur. You can help yourself, along with guidance from others. You don’t have to do it alone, but fear is stopping so many. It is time for you to assemble your team and show the world that enough is enough. We have been home for three months, how have you spent the time as it relates to owning a business or making your business better? Why are you so content with giving another business owner who is not black, all of your time and energy? You are excellent at what you do, but you are only paid a fraction of your worth. If you are like me, I certainly appreciate the great companies I have worked for in the past. I have learned a lot and made good money. But I always felt that if they could do it, I could do it also.

What are you waiting on? It’s time for you to ask for the help that you need and move forward! Stop focusing on the struggle, the things happening in the world and the water around you. That starts with a strategy, so take advantage of the free download that you can find on my website. It is time to dominate with the help of others!!

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